Kickboxing Equipment - What You'll Need

Kickboxing Equipment

Even beginners that get into kickboxing will probably know some basics about the martial art due to the fact they're already interested in it. Kickboxing involves the use of various kicks that are taken from many different martial arts disciplines as well as the use of some different types of punches as well. It's a pretty active sport that requires and further develops fitness, stamina, concentration, and balance as well as teaching you vital self-defence tactics that could one day save your life. Due to the heavy-contact nature of this particular martial art however, participants are required to wear certain types of protective gear that will save them from any serious or lasting injury; the active nature of kickboxing also requires that appropriate clothing is worn for maximum flexibility, manoeuvrability, and comfort of the kick-boxer. Though some of the clothing/equipment may be obvious to some, beginners may not have the first clue of what is recommended or even required for their kickboxing sessions. This is why the rudimentary list of items below will demonstrate which kinds of clothing and equipment are recommended and where they can be purchased from.

Pro Free Standing Punch & Kick Bag

Pro Free Standing Punch & Kick Bag

A heavy hitting durable punch bag this piece of equipment is both high in quality and easy to use.

Some kick boxers maybe tempted to go for cheaper hanging bag versions but the target pro standing punch bag means no assembly is needed to a wall or ceiling.

The Pro Free Standing Punch Bag will withstand tough boxing and kicking combinations from the hardest of fighters. The bag comes with a flexible neck that quickly absorbs and releases the power from punches meaning you can hit it in quick succession with a blitz of combo punches, something not offered by conventional hanging bags.

You may also wish to consider Century's XL model.

Centrury Bob XL Sparring Partner

century bob XL sparring partner

He's been around as long as the oldest of boxers and martial artists can remember, Bob is both durable and practical for the most powerful of fighters to practice on. Century itself (the manufacturer) claim Bob is the best sparring partner money can buy. We are not quite sure about that but one cannot argue that he's a full size like like mannequin representing the sort of scale a real life opponent would be.

Some of Bob's best features include:

  • Unique design takes up less space than original BOB®.
  • "Skin" is constructed of high-strength plastisol.
  • Inner cavity is filled with high-density urethane foam.
  • Base can be filled with water or sand and weighs approx. 270 lbs.

The Wall Dome: Martial Art's Wall Training Alternative

The Wall Dome: Martial Art's Wall Training Alternative

A new comer to the martial art's and kick boxing training equipment market is the Wall Dome. Perhap's it's greatest advantage over the Sparring Bob and the free standing kick bags is the fact that it offers flexible arms which you can practice punching and kicking around. This represents a more real to life opponent than the armless bob and the kick bag.

Naturally opponents will not just stand there and let you punch and kick them in reality. At it's most basic level this will include your opponent having his or her guard up which you will have to circum navigate. The Wall Dome with it's flexible arms poses the challenge of working your punches and kicks around such as targets. This is clearly demonstarted in it's feature video.

You can watch the video and read more about this martial arts training dummy here.

Boxing Gloves

Red Boxing Gloves

In regular boxing, gloves go without saying but some people think that just because this is kickboxing, there isn't enough punching involved to warrant the use of gloves. This is a misconception: gloves are required for the protection of both the wearer and the sparing opponent, and they can also increase the performance of the wearer depending on which type of glove they are wearing. Gloves that are weighted more towards the front or back can be purchased, as can gloves with various levels of padding.

You'll find these sparring gloves handy for sessions with an opponent. You may also wish to check out these kickboxing gloves from Everlast

Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps

This complete guide to hand wraps explains the reasons why anyone participating in any boxing sport should wrap their hands before fighting, but it basically comes down to having an extra layer of protection for your bones, tendons, and skin.

You'll find plenty of cheap and effective hand wraps on Ebay.

Protective Head Guards

Protective Head Guards

Though we're not talking about full-on protective helmets that say a biker or cyclist would wear, the need to protect the face during sparing is paramount because of how exposed it is. These helmets usually fit around the head and are padded with a mixture of soft and hard material to ensure that vital points around the head are protected whilst allowing for maximum visibility/minimal intrusion.

Protective head guards such as these Adidas ones are ideal, though these alternative headguards are also available that come in different shapes, sizes, and levels of protection.

Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Another essential piece of equipment when participating in any heavy-contact sport, mouth guards will protect your teeth, gums, and lips from impact.

You'll find some cheap mouth guards at Amazon as well as ones with more unique designs at Revgear


Special kickboxing footwear is required for the sport. This is again for the dual-protection of both the kicker's and the opponent's extremities on the lower half. These boots are often padded and light as to absorb impact yet facilitate efficient movement.

The typical kickboxing boot can be found here at Blitzsport

Shin Guards

Shin Guards

Shin guards are more important in kickboxing than any other martial art or sport in general. The frequency and force of leg-to-leg contact when blocking against opponents means that the act of not wearing shin guards would result in horrific injuries and breakages, unlike when playing a virtual kickboxing game such as this one.

These shin guards from Ringside are relatively inexpensive and can save considerable amounts of pain and injury.


These are less of a safety feature as they are for the comfort of the fighter. Since kickboxing requires a certain level of flexibility and movement from various joints, wearing the incorrect type of clothing can restrict the movement of the lower extremities such as the legs and crucial joins such as the hip. Loose- fitting shorts or trousers made from high-quality material that is designed to stretch and maintain its integrity under duress are a must.

You may be interested in either these Windy Fight Gear kickboxing shorts or some longer trousers from Playwell to wear during your kickboxing sessions.